born in 1977 and based in Kyoto, Japan

2002 Kyoto City University of Arts, sculpture course B.A
2001-2002 Ezoe Educational Foundation scholarship
2000 Kyoto City University of Arts, sculpture course M.A.

2015 "Before Night Falls" at ARTZONE, Kyoto, Japan
2011 "Printings and Printed matters" at workroom A, Osaka, Japan
   "Design Tide Tokyo 2011" at Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
2010 "10's Aqua Blue" at Emon Photo gallery, Tokyo, Japan
     "Letter to 20 years after future" at Gardian Gerden, Tokyo, Japan
2009 "Passage" at Artcourt Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2008 "Method of Picture -Photography-" at Voice gallery, Kyoto, Japan
     "Post-Nature" at CAP House, Kobe, Japan
2007 "CAP House Art Fair" at CAP House, Kobe, Japan
2006 "Optic / Blind" at CAP House, Kobe, Japan
     "Penguin Books" at Stem Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2003 "Piles of everyday” at Gallery SOWAKA, Kyoto, Japan
2002 "The Overlooking / Fukan-kei" at Neutron, Kyoto, Japan
2001 "The 17th Photo 3.3㎡" at Gardian Garden, Tokyo, Japan
2000 "Mio Photo Award 2000" at Tenoji Mio, Osaka, Japan
     "10 Insistences" at Gallery Artislong, Kyoto, Japan

award / grant:
2001 The 17th Photo “3.3m ”exhibition finalist
     Encouragement prize of KCUA of postgraduate degree show
2000 Mio Photo Award 2000,Secound-Jurors award

Lessons in progress